About Our Contributors

Paul Michaels has over 25 years of executive-level experience in IT working in the Banking, Insurance & Retail sectors in the UK in a number of senior technical and management roles. He has worked with Gartner for many years on a broad range of Performance Management projects and services across Europe and the Far East primarily as Measurement Solutions Director. Paul has led several global engagements in Applications and Infrastructure Assessments, and specialises in advising on IT Service Reviews, Sourcing and Market Price Assessments, Service Catalogues and Charging models. He is one of most experienced consultants in the measurement and benchmarking discipline in the UK, and has supported several large and medium organizations with making improved value decisions.

Pam Ramalingam is a technology industry professional with a twenty five years track record. She has held senior leadership roles in IT strategy and operations at several global corporations including Thales Software, eFunds, Standard Chartered Bank, Tata Consultancy Services and iSoft. Her experience includes strategy, planning and implementation of IT products and services in sectors like Healthcare, Defence, Aerospace and Banking. Pam has expertise in delivering complex global delivery optimization programmes, project management frameworks and building Centres of Excellence, such as the one she built, dedicated to Agile methodologies (including XP, pair programming, SCRUM and CRYSTAL). Her experience of leading multi-country transformations, from business cases through to engagement management and governance, allows her valuable insights into her chosen discipline of Software Process Engineering. She has competency in CISA-COBIT, SEI CMMi and PCMM, alongside certifications in PMP, CISA, ISO Audit, Agile (DSDM), UML and CRISC. Pam advises and trains enterprise teams and service providers in various areas of IT Management, Outsourcing, Vendor Management, Program Management and Process Engineering.

Navin Anand is a global business professional with twenty-five and more in the technology industry, having worked with blue chip and mid-sized providers like IBM, Wipro and Datamatics. With a global career divided between the UK and India, he has championed several high impact transformations for enterprises, working through complex structures and cross-border collaborations. Having engaged extensively with customers and colleagues of varied cultures, he brings a deep appreciation of diversity and pragmatic situational leadership. He has built relationships of trust with many enterprises across several countries, based on listening, commitment and the value delivered. Naturally curious, Navin is an analytical thinker, always keen to challenge the prevailing paradigm, and to improve outcomes. He blends strategic thinking with implementation focus, bringing the ability to assess transformation challenges, fostering the mutual trust and creating effective collaboration across internal, external, local and remote teams.

Dr. Hemant Adarkar, is a senior technology professional of twenty-four years experience, much of which has been spent in architecting, designing, building and managing technology for IT intensive industries, from within or from the service provider side. He is a TOGAF certified enterprise architect, having had the privilege of learning the Zachman architecture framework from John Zachman himself. His experience has been honed in technology intensive sectors like Banking, Financial Services, Telecoms, Insurance, Trading Exchanges and Brokerages. In addition to designing complex systems and defining enterprise architecture strategies, Hemant has extensive experience of auditing and building global delivery services centers, centers of excellence, quality assurance practices, vendor management and infrastructure management teams. His strengths lie in working with diversity, be it technology, teams or cultures. A technology guru, a team leader and an incisive auditor, Hemant advises on alignment of IT to business needs, defining technology and architecture roadmaps, application rationalization, improvements on application performance, integration, modernization, security and improvement of ROI. His major career stints have been with JP Morgan Chase and Infosys.

Sudha Iyer is a technology professional with over twenty-five years in the IT outsourcing industry. Sudha has a strong track record of effective engagement governance, a rich experience of implementing process models for software development, testing, support and maintenance, across local, in-house and remote teams. Having led complex transformations for enterprise customers, as also global software brands in ERP, SCM and Systems Software, Sudha brings together the best practices of the two segments. She provides objective insights to help CIOs improve, streamline and turn-around their outsourced programmes and projects. A certified MSP Practitioner, she guides teams on managing delivery, while balancing people, process, technology, risks, time and quality. Sudha has extensive experience of complex system design and software architecture. In addition to being a certified IS auditor (CISA), she has certifications in ITIL and software quality assurance. She has been invited to numerous technology, quality and process management councils, in her past assignments, driving best practices in software engineering and architecture.

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